What is Biblon? Biblon gets you closer to understand the Bible and how to find the way to God!

Many people seek Jesus Christ but don't know how to begin. They are overwhelmed by the mountain before them. We at Biblon believe for many the way to start is with the Bible. Not necessarily by starting at the beginning and working your way through but by starting with the Gospels then building on this foundation. The Biblon menu section on the Bible expands upon this.

We believe a concurrent step is to get yourself into a church so you are surrounded by people trying at least to go the same way as you. Any church worship based on Biblical teaching should be sound. The Biblon section on the Church and Sacraments expands on this.

We also believe there are inspirational individuals in history that have helped the Gospel, The Biblon section on Saints explains some of the actions of just some of these champions.

We also profoundly believe that one of the fruits of faith is charitable giving, especially to children?s charities and links with various charities can be found on the site


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